"Who fails to play, plans to fail."

Welcome to the Strength Training Periodization Module of the YPSI Personal Trainer Mentorship Program!

The goal of this segment is to deepen your knowledge about strength training periodization that will allow you to design strength trainings program on top of each other in a structured, intelligent and results-oriented manner.

To ensure constant progress in the gym, from program to program, towards the goal.

This Online Module will supplement the YPSI Module 3 and YPSI Program Design & Periodization Live Seminars. It can either be completed to complement the information taught there or it can also be taken just by itself to deepen and elevate your knowledge about Periodization.

This Module contains 8 Lectures:

Lecture 1 - Principles and Concepts of Short- and Longterm Periodization

Lecture 2 - Linear Periodization

Lecture 3 - Reverse Linear Periodization

Lecture 4 - Non-Linear & Undulating Periodization

Lecture 5 - Block Periodization

Lecture 6 - Conjugate Periodization

Lecture 7 - Mircoperiodization & Mesoperiodization

Lecture 8 - How to periodize Exercise Selection

Each lecture will be about 30 to 90 Minutes long.

You can watch and re-watch each lecture here on the YPSI Online Education Platform from anywhere in the world every hour of your day.

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