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Strength Training Periodization

There is no training program that will work forever.

Thats the #1 reason why everyone needs to change up training programs.

Many just choose some other program that they want to do next. Which very little results in the end.

What program you choose next and the selection of which programs works best after a given program needs to be specific 

This is what Periodization is for.

Periodization is defining a structured order of programs. 

Periodization is a systematic approach on how to build programs on top of each other. Always with the end goal in mind.

And same as with training programs and nutrition there is not „the one“ periodization model that works for everyone all the time.

There is no Periodization model that works for everybody and every goal.

This is why Periodization has to be individualized.

Some Periodization models have been proven to consistantly create results in certain scenarios and with certain goals.

Other Periodization models rarely work outside of using them with beginners.

Choosing which periodization model to apply is critical for the longterm success of a client. A Gen Pop client and an athlete.

Periodization is critical for everyone that trains longer than 3 months.

Periodization is the base of any type of continously successfull and progressive approach to program design in training. This is why this YPSI Online Module is centered around the focus on Strength Training Periodization.

And this YPSI Online Module on Strength Training Periodization gives an systemically structured overview and practical results-oriented approach Wolfgang Unsoeld and the YPSI is known for around the world.

This YPSI Online Module looks into the most important and successfull periodization models. In theory and practice.

This YPSI Online Module will teach you the theory behind a specific Periodization model and then will bridge the gap into its practical application.

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You want to learn?

Today online learning is key. Its faster, easier, more efficient and most definitely more flexible. This is why I created the YPSI Online Education Platform and the YPSI Personal Trainer Mentorship Program.

I will take you through each lecture step by step. 

With one goal to build your knowledge on Periodization.

You can watch the lectures anytime at your own speed as often as you want from anywhere in the world. Elevate your knowledge and competence on Periodization today and sign up below...

„Who fails to plan, plans to fail.“

This is one of my favorite quotes about planning and Periodization.

If you want to be successful in training, you need to be competent in planning. You need to understand Periodization.

We live in a knowledge-based world where your knowledge and competence are fundamental to success.

And learning is the foundation of knowledge and competence.

As an avid teacher I have taught over 300 events to thousands of students in the last 8 years in over 26 countries in the world. Check out some of the group pictures here.

And for the first time some this information available online.

About Wolfgang Unsoeld

Wolfgang Unsöld is currently one of the most successful Personaltrainers and Strength Coaches in the world and the Founder of the Your Personal Strength Institute - short YPSI - in Stuttgart, Germany.

Wolfgang has successfully worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from Executives to Athletes from over 20 Sports, including 13 Athletes that competed at the Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi, Russia and 3 Athletes at the Olympic Summer Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 

Wolfgang has published over 10 books and has lectured to more than 5000 Trainers in over 26 countries worldwide.

Where Science meets Practice

Periodization and planning can be a very dry and are often made overly scientific with little carryover to training and results in the real world.

One Goal of this Module is to combine the best of both worlds.

Take from science what is useful.

And apply it to practice in a given scenario for consistent progress.

In a manner thats easy to integrate into programming while being as close as possible to the dynamics of the real world.

You are?

-> You are a Personal Trainer or Strength Coach and you want to be able to plan and periodize training programs to get your clients leaner, stronger, more muscular, more athletic and ensure they make constant progress with minimal overuse injury risk?
-> You want to be able to periodize programs for athletes in a variety of sports like Football, Handball, Rugby, Basketball, American Football, Track & Field, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, MMA, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and more?
-> You are looking to get outstanding results with your clients that will help your business to organically grow and attract new clients faster than you could ever have imagined?
-> You are not yet a fitness professional, yet want to learn how to periodize programs to build a lean, muscular and strong physique yourself and learn the art and science of strength training periodization in a systematic, simple and straight forward way?
-> You have been looking into Periodization before, yet the dry, theoretical and in real life often unrealistic approach has turned you off, and you want to learn about Periodization in the most practical, proven and straight forward cutting-edge way?

Then this YPSI Online Module is specifically built for you.

Wolfgang will take you through each lecture step by step and explain in detail how to successfully use and apply Periodization based on the science and its practical application for world leading results. 
With one goal - to build your knowledge and competence on Periodization.
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Do today what others copy tomorrow.

Periodization is still one of the most underrated and least mastered aspects of strength training.

Many know the term Periodization.

Some have a basic idea of what Periodization is.

Few apply a small hand full of Periodization principles.

And less than a few are actually competent enough to specifically use different types of Periodization in different scenarios for different goals.

The premise on which this Online Module is put together, is to increase this knowledge and competence.

To provide knowledge to the Coaches that will lead the way. And take their and their clients results in training through meticulous planning and Periodization to the next level.

This Module is for you, if you want to:

-> Understand the value of Short-term and Long-term Periodization
-> Learn how to use Linear Periodization in specific scenarios
-> Learn how to use Reverse Linear Periodization in specific scenarios
-> Learn how to use Non-Linear and Undulating Periodization in specific scenarios
-> Learn how to use Block Periodization in specific scenarios
-> Learn how to use Conjugate Periodization in specific scenarios
-> Learn how to use Microperiodization, which defines how to structure loads in a given workout
-> Learn how to use Mesoperiodization, which defines how to structure training parametes within a Meso-cycle of 3 to 4 weeks
-> Learn how to periodize excerise selection and determine which exercise to use next after one excerice or excercise variation is mastered 
-> Learn from anywhere in the world at any time of your day in front of your computer, tablet or phone
-> Learn from a World Leader in Strength & Health Education to take your knowledge on competence to the next level
The content and knowledge of this Module is spread into 8 individual lectures with a total length of over 6 hours of on demand video. That you can watch and re-watch anytime, from anywhere in the world, at your own speed.
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Course Curriculum

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  Lecture 1 - Principles and Concepts of Short- and Longterm Periodization
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  Lecture 2 - Linear Periodization - the classic model
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  Lecture 3 - Reverse Linear Periodization - the classic model the other way around
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  Lecture 4 - Non-Linear & Undulating Periodization - the continuous and universal model
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  Lecture 5 - Block Periodization - a performance-oriented model
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  Lecture 6 - Conjugate Periodization - an advanced model
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  Lecture 7 - Mircoperiodization & Mesoperiodization
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  Lecture 8 - How to periodize Exercise Selection
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Which language is this course in?

This course is taught in english. All courses were the sales page is in english are taught in english. And all courses were the sales page is in german are taught in german.

I don't have a credit card, can I pay via Paypal or Bank Wire Transfer?

Yes, just email us here.

Is there a date when the registration closes?

The registration will be open forever. You can sign up any time you like. The lectures will be uploaded in the members area.

Do I have to be a Trainer to book the course?

You don’t have to be a Trainer or have any other prerequisites to enroll in the course. Wolfgang will take you step by step through each lecture and explain everything in detail. And of course, you can rewatch each lecture as often as you like.

Are there any YPSI Seminars that I have to complete before doing this Online Module?

There are no YPSI Seminars that you have to complete before you do this Online Module. This Online Module is designed as a stand-alone course and therefore can be completed by itself.

I have done YPSI Seminars on Program Design and Periodization before, is this still for me?

Yes, this Online Module is a supplement to the YPSI Module 3 and YPSI Advanced Program Design & Periodization Live Seminars and specifically designed to complement the information taught there. I will touch on many subjects that I don’t cover at the live events (since time is limited).

Will I receive a Certificate after the completion of this Module?

Yes, once you completed all the lectures and all the exams you have successfully completed the module. And you can download your certificate.

What If I don’t pass the exam on the first try?

You can retake the exams as often as you want. You can also watch the lectures again to get the right answers.

Is this Module part of the YPSI Certification?

Yes, this is one of 6 Online Modules. Part of each Module is an exam and a Certificate. With the successful completion of all 6 Modules - from Module A to Module F - you have successfully completed the YPSI Personal Trainer Mentorship Certification.

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How long do I have access to the course?

After purchase, you have a 12 month access to this course - across any and all devices you own.

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Yes, for gym owners who want to book 5+ spots for a module for their trainers, we do offer an attractive corporate rate. Email us here for more details.

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We don’t offer any payment plans yet.

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