"Nutrition is a Science. Dietetics is an Art."

Welcome to the Individualized Nutrition Module of the YPSI Personal Trainer Mentorship Program!

The goal of this segment is to deepen your knowledge about individualized nutrition that will allow you to find the best nutrition for you and your clients at a given time.

To find what works for them now.

To get faster results in the and out of the gym.

This Online Module will supplement the YPSI Module 4 and YPSI Advanced Nutrition Live Seminars. It can either be completed to complement the information taught there or it can also be taken just by itself to deepen and elevate your knowledge about Nutrition.

This Module contains 8 Lectures:

Lecture 1 - Calories in vs. Calories out and why do we need individualize Nutrition?

Lecture 2 - How to individualize Nutrition based on Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Lecture 3 - Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) - Protocols & Case Studies

Lecture 4 - How to individualize Nutrition based on Skinfolds

Lecture 5 - How to individualize Nutrition based on Lab Tests

Lecture 6 - The individualized approach to alternative Nutritional Protocols

Lecture 7 - The individualized approach to Intermittent Fasting

Lecture 8 - The scientific and individualized approach to optimizing the Acid-Alkaline Balance

Each lecture will be about 45 to 75 Minutes long.

You can watch and re-watch each lecture here on the YPSI Online Education Platform from anywhere in the world every hour of your day.

Now its time to learn...

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